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Attacking an Android Device using a Reverse Connection Shell

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Trend of Mobile Devices is growing up. Hackers are now shifting their focus onto mobile devices. Android is not an exception. Because of it's open source nature and the market share it has, it is more prone to attacks when compared to other mobile platforms. 

I have developed an android Trojan to demonstrate one of such attacks to show how dangerous it is if a user doesn't care about the security of his personal data 

Though, it is possible to steal SMS, CallLogs, Contacts, GPS Location and other Sensitive data from the device remotely using this malware, the focus of this video is to show that it is possible to execute remote commands to steal sensitive information from an android device. 

Note: This application is written by the author for demonstration purposes and not uploaded on Internet



Trojan Description

It contains two parts similar to any other trojan.
                1. Client(Android App)
2. Server(Written in JAVA)

1. Server listens for incoming connections on port 8888(Reverse Connection Trojan).

2. When a user starts the client app, it automatically connects to the server and gives a reverse shell.

3. Now the attacker can execute remote shell commands on the Android Device.

Recommendations for Users

  • Always check the permissions before you install any new app.
  • Always install apps from trusted sources.
  • Install an anti virus solution on the device(though they can be easily bypassed).
Please post your comments for any queries and suggestions.

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J3rge on 22 July 2015 at 07:48 said...

can you send me a download link?

alper48 on 20 April 2016 at 06:33 said...

How does android device execute commands that are taken over network?

Unknown on 15 May 2017 at 19:45 said...

How to develop the trojan

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